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eCommerce Copywriting Services

Still using the product descriptions from the manufacturer? If you're using the same content as everyone else, prepare to be lost in a crowd of millions. Want to stand out? Hire a professional freelance copywriter to write unique product descriptions just for you!

I was shopping online the other day and I came across the most horrible product description! You see, I have a weakness for candles. Candlelight is so deliciously warm and inviting that I wanted to extend that feeling outside. Who wouldn't love an intimate garden party by candlelight?

So I went shopping online to find the perfect candle holder for my garden, but its original product description was hardly appealing. Check out the "Before" copywriting:

Before: Flat, lifeless, uninspiring, lacks call to action
Martha-Stewart-Everyday-Metal-Glass-LanternMartha Stewart Everyday Metal Glass Lantern

This Metal Glass Lantern Is A Great Way To Add Some Mood To Your Patio. Add A Candle And Create Some Atmosphere.

Now, check out the "After" copywriting and note the sensory appeal and call to action. Not only will such a description significantly increase your conversion rates, the unique content and keyword usage means higher search engine rankings.

After: Appealing, SEO optimized, includes a call to action
Martha Stewart Everyday Copper Candle Lantern

Picture your patio transformed into a candlelit oasis! Spend your nights relaxing in the glow of candlelight flickering through the glass windows of your elegant copper candle lantern. Durable, functional, and versatile, this garden candle holder is a stylish addition to any décor.

Standing about 12 inches high, it's crafted of copper and detailed in fine scrollwork. It holds any standard tealight. 

Buy three or four and transform your garden into a magical retreat!

What do you get when you hire a professional copywriter?


Higher Sales, More Sales

Anyone can write a product description. A professional copywriter makes that product irresistible, focuses on benefits, and prompts customers to action. Your business has a voice. A professional copywriter makes sure it's saying all the right things in just the right tone and style.

Google ranks websites based on:

  • Content Uniqueness: Is this content found anywhere else on the web? "Scraping" content, or copying content from another website, is one of the worst SEO mistakes you can make. Google rewards websites with one-of-a-kind, unique content.

  • Content Freshness: When was the last time you updated your content? Google doesn't want to offer people stale, out-of-date sites, so when they see content that's changing on a regular basis, they give that site a top ranking.


More Search Traffic

Website visitors become customers when they like what they find on your site. Engage your customers with entertaining, informative, or otherwise valuable content. Give your readers actionable tips, heartfelt sentiment, or a unique perspective and they'll keep coming back for more.

In today's market, you compete with thousands of options and distractions that threaten to steal away your website's visitors. Meet this challenge head on with quality website content that keeps your visitors reading one page after another.

Find out for yourself the difference that a professional writer makes.

Writing Services

Copywriting Services

Quality, unique product description will transform your conversion rates. Most companies see 30% - 100% increase in conversions, and at least a 50% increase in search traffic after hiring a copywriter. 

  • eCommerce Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Product Descriptions
  • Service Descriptions
  • Company Webpages
  • Catalog Copywriting
  • Brochures & Flyers

What Makes Great

A professional writer gives you content that's unique, engaging, valuable, and share-worthy.

  • Unique Content
    Tantalize customers and outshine competitors with unique, appealing product descriptions

  • Engaging Content
    Get page one Google rankings for your product and category pages with content freshness, quality, quantity, and uniqueness

  • Content Value
    Maximize conversion rates with classic copywriting principles

  • Share-worthy Content
    Copywriting and SEO both consistently rank as the most valuable marketing investments with the highest return

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