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SEO Writer Services

Reader-friendly keyword optimized content means higher rankings, more traffic, and better traffic.

It's no secret that organic search traffic is better traffic. What does that mean? People who enter your website through organic search engine listings (as opposed to pay-per-click listings) are better visitors.

Organic visitors bounce less frequently, stay on your site longer, view more pages, and are more likely to buy something or become a customer.

How do you get these magical creatures to your website? With carefully crafted SEO writing optimized by a professional.

SEO Writer Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The right keyword combined with the right content will launch your website's traffic. I'll research hundreds of keyword variations and compare their popularity and competitiveness to choose the best possible keyword for you.

I'll use the best industry-standard tools to select a short list of the most powerful, effective keywords. Then I'll rely on more than a decade of internet marketing experience to choose the perfect phrase to represent your new content.

Target Visitors with Search Engine Optimization

Professional Optimization

When it comes to content, the search engine optimization (SEO) process requires a careful balance of numbers and words, of both left and right brain thinking. For optimal rankings the content must be properly formatted with exactly the right words, used just the right number of times, in just the right way, in just the right combination.

With my SEO writing services, you'll always get top-quality content optimized for your selected (or requested) keyword with optimized meta tags (title, description, and keywords), anchor text for off-site linking, and img alt tags (when images are purchased).

Boost Sales with Better Traffic

Qualified Traffic

Search engine optimized content draws more traffic and better traffic. Because the most popular and competitive keyword is chosen, you'll be at the top of the search engine rankings for targeted, long-tail keywords. These are the types of keyword used by people ready to buy.

Not only are organic visitors more qualified, they're better visitors in other ways too. Traffic from organic search listings consistently has higher conversion rates and higher per order values.

Quality Content

Quality Content

First and foremost, the SEO process will never compromise the quality of the content. A skilled SEO content writer can meet perfect keyword usage and density requirements while maintaining interest, style, and tone.

When you hire Shana, you get quality, optimized, content from a professional freelance writer. Click here to get a professional SEO copywriter for your website.

Professional SEO writing can get your website top Google rankings.

Boost Rankings
Launch Traffic
Maximize Conversions

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Writing Services

SEO Writing Services

I use white-hate, organic SEO writing techniques that ensure top rankings while never compromising quality.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword optimization
  • SEO On Page Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Website Articles
  • SEO Blog posts
  • SEO Editing

SEO Writer

Why get the writing services of a professional SEO copywriter?

  • Customer Appeal
    Tantalize customers and outshine competitors with unique, appealing product descriptions

  • Top Rankings
    Get page one Google rankings for your product and category pages with content freshness, quality, quantity, and uniqueness

  • Maximize Conversions
    Maximize conversion rates with classic copywriting principles

  • Massive ROI
    Copywriting and SEO both consistently rank as the most valuable marketing investments with the highest return

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