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Archaeology & History Writing

My academic training is in anthropology and archaeology. Though I've traded in my trowel and brush for keyword and monitor, I'll always have a love of the ancient and arcane. The following pieces are just a couple of examples of my writing about archaeology and history.

Merovingianburial10 Common Misconceptions About Archaeologists
Few fields are as romanticized or as misunderstood as archaeology. Anthropology is also the only scientific study not taught in school. It's no wonder there are so many misconceptions about archaeologists! This piece takes a look at ten of the most common myths and misconceptions about archaeologists.

Px-Ark-Royal-1587Viking Crystal Compasses
Did Vikings use crystals to navigate the vast oceans? A new archaeological excavation has uncovered a shard of Iceland spar, a calcite crystal, that may have been used for nautical navigation as late as the 16th century.

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