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Client Questionnaire

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A little direction from you goes a long way! Your input is critical to the success of any writing project.

Please review the following questions carefully as your answers will help determine the effectiveness of the content.

Note that the following are just examples of the questions I will ask. Your company's needs, your industry, the level of technical difficulty involved, and more, will all dictate the information I'll need from you.

  1. Where will this piece of writing appear? If on your website, where specifically? On your blog? Your store page? A main category page? Your homepage?

  2. Approximately how long (in number of words) would you like this piece to be?
    For example, the main text of this page contains about 250 words. The average product description is between 30 - 70 words. The average blog post is between 250 - 500 words. 500 words is a full page of text.

  3. Do you have any product or service information that you'd like me to incorporate into the work? Often people have manufacturer's descriptions of their products that I can incorporate into product descriptions. If I'm writing about a service you provide, please give me details.

  4. Tell me about your typical customer. The best copy grabs readers and tells them what they want to know about the product. To do that I need to know a little about the audience for which I'm writing.

  5. It's time to talk about tone. Should the writing be professional and authoritative? Friendly and relatable? Edgy and sassy? Please think of two or three adjectives to describe the desired tone.

  6. What do you want this content to accomplish? Sample answers include: attract new customers, educate current clients, promote sales conversions, etc.

  7. Are there any specific instructions you want to give me? Most clients are looking for something in particular  product descriptions that "tell a story," or an article that "includes actionable, practical tips." Here's your chance to tell me!

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