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Why Hire Shana?

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When it comes to hiring a freelance writer, you have a lot of choices.
Here's why you should hire me, Shana Leslie, to write for your business.


I've helped businesses create and develop websites since 1999. I was here for the ".com boom" and the ".com bust." I was here for the birth of SEO and I was here before social media. There's nothing worse than a freelancer who disappears. I'm not going anywhere.


Prompt, open communication is crucial to any successful business venture. Whether through email, phone, or in person, I'm always available to my clients. I know your time is valuable and I always respond to your questions, messages, and emails as quickly as possible.


I take genuine pride in my work. I love giving small business owners that extra edge to help them compete against the big guys online.

What's my favorite thing about my job? I love how excited my clients get when we start a new project, and I love how delighted they are when they see the difference my work has made for their business!

Professional, reliable freelance writer at your disposal

I get it I'm a small business owner too.

In 2001 my husband bought the website company where we both worked.

In addition to helping run WorldWide Merchant over the years, I've worked as a retail store manager, an e-commerce store owner, and since 2009 I've been an entrepreneur in my own right.

One Less Hat to Wear
Running a small business means you wear a lot of different hats. You're a bookkeeper, a marketer, a salesperson, a website designer, a manager.

You don't have to be a professional writer too.

I'm here to make your life easier, your website more popular, and your business more profitable.

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